Some Tips for Driving in Rwanda

Although driving is the same activity, there are some differences between driving in Rwanda and driving in your home country. Therefore, I would like to introduce some notes on driving in Kenya to provide a little help for first-time self-driver trippers in the country. First of all, driving in Rwanda is always on the right side

Right Turn on the Red Light

When driving in Rwanda, you must not make a right turn at a red light without stopping. After the light turns red, you must pause for a few seconds before proceeding. Some intersections have signs indicating that right turns on red are not allowed, so it’s important to pay attention while driving. Otherwise, you may be fined.

Right-turn on the Green Light

When the light turns green and you want to make a right turn, you should slow down and check for pedestrians on your right. If there are pedestrians, you must stop and let them cross the road first.

Stop for School Buses

School buses in Rwanda are always marked with yellow color. Regardless of the time and location, you must stop and wait for the school bus to proceed first.

Stop Sign

Stop Sign

Many intersections in Rwanda have “Stop” signs, and depending on the road conditions, there may be two or four stop signs. Even if there are few pedestrians or vehicles at an intersection with stop signs, you must come to a complete stop before stepping on the gas pedal. Even if there are no pedestrians at all, you must still stop. Otherwise, you may be issued a ticket as a penalty.

Pull Over for Emergency Vehicles

If you encounter a situation where a police car or an ambulance is using its sirens on the road, whether it’s on the opposite side or your side, you must immediately pull over to the right and stop. Wait for the police car or ambulance to pass before continuing your journey.

Pay Attention to Speed Limit Signs

Speed limits vary in different areas, so when driving in Rwanda, it’s important to constantly pay attention to speed limit signs. The distance in Rwanda is measured in kilometers per hour.

Fasten Seat Belts

Both the driver and the passenger in the front seat must fasten their seat belts. In Rwanda, it is not allowed for children weighing less than 80 pounds (36 kilograms) to sit in the front passenger seat. Children weighing less than 50 pounds (23 kilograms) must use a child car seat according to their weight.